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Our Mission

"Our aim is to supply hand-made, all-natural, chemical free skin care products for everyone while delivering value for money. We use traditional methods in a modern and innovative way to create a range of products infused with natures energy and vitality providing what your body needs to combat the stresses of everyday life."

About Us: About Us

About Us

Welcome. Here at The Loft we believe that when you look after your skin and nourish it with nature’s finest ingredients, your skin will look after you. Sounds fair enough, right?

Skincare these days has become dominated by baffling mumbo jumbo and meaningless terms leaving customers frustrated by hidden toxins and questionable ingredients, there is a less complicated path to healthy, happy and glowing skin.

Here at The Loft our aim is to create effective, easy-to-understand vegan & 100% natural skincare products  packed with skin-boosting organic botanicals. And gentle enough to not upset even the most sensitive skin. Our plant-based recipes combine a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for optimising your skin's health and vitality producing a range of products designed to de-stress and simplify your clean beauty routine, while delivering glowing results to help you feel your best.

Our focus is on pure and safe ingredients from Mother Earth and we never include potentially harmful toxins or chemicals in any of our products this means no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, artificial fragrance, petroleum, or triclocarban.

Our vision is a beauty industry without judgement, where following your bliss and finding what works for you is the norm. We believe in embracing your natural beauty and that looking great and feeling your best go hand-in-hand.

Made with love, our products follow rigid EU standards for health and safety, where over 1,300 toxins and questionable chemicals have already been banned. We strive to leave the world a better place than we found it. To us, this means we try to use low-waste recyclable packaging and be as environmentally conscious as possible in all aspects of our business.

About Us: About Us

Did You Know...

Using natural & organic skincare products has been proven to be extremely beneficial not only to your skin but your overall health & are the best option for people who have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be triggered by a various ingredients often found in conventional skincare products; parabens, fragrance, synthetic dyes and synthetic preservatives - extend the shelf life of regular skincare products and can result in skin irritation, stinging, rashes, redness, and burning of the skin. 

Many of the chemical ingredients that are used for artificial skincare products commonly do more harm than good. Your skin may appear to look brighter for a few weeks but over time, synthetic ingredients can cause skin irritation, sun sensibility and even skin cancer. Why hurt your body in the name of beauty? 

In contrast, the mild ingredients found in organic and natural skincare products do not cause irritation in sensitive skin. Adding any kind of preservative isn't necessary as natural and organic skincare products lose their healing value after 1-2 years.


global increase in changes in the buying decisions of the consumers due to the natural ingredient listing on the packaging


of European citizens didn't know the difference between natural and organic products.


of French women buy or have already bought natural and/or organic beauty products (2016)

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